Two years ago, before Covid ever existed, the founders were at a house party socialising the night away. 

Feeling a little crowded, Ryan stepped outside for a smoke break. As he touched his pocket, his eyes widened and he gasped: “someone pocketed my lucky lighter

Across the room, Michael was struggling to open his beer. There were no bottle openers in sight. Out of desperation he tried to open it with the host’s table, embarrassingly chipping it in front of him. 

Meanwhile, George decided to shoot his shot with one of the attendees but instead, he was called out for his bad breath which was an unpleasant combination of cigarettes and alcohol.

To top off this mediocre night, Ryan couldn't find his car keys: he had lost them too. Thus, the founders were forced to walk back home.

The next day, Ryan, Michael and George met up to discuss the evening and joke about the misfortune. This is when a hungover George blurted out: “Why hasn't anyone created the perfect social tool already? Something to keep on you at all times, and that would come in handy in most situations.”

And the rest was history

  • Michael Ejbeh

    Reaper’s logistics are overseen by Michael. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, he pursued his BA at NYU, after which he worked at the BlockChain startup MLG, helping develop the business. Besides his work with NGOs such as UNICEF’s B.O.T, Michael likes to spend his time unwinding at the beach.

  • Ryan Daher

    REAPER’s frontend design and backend technology is headed by Ryan, a 22 year old Lebanese consultant based in Dubai. Throughout his time in university, Ryan spent two years molding and crafting REAPER’s aesthetic and feel. He enjoys a few beers, great sunsets, and the product community he is a part of.

  • George Baida

    Reaper’s product was designed and developed by George. After obtaining his degree in product design from the Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts, he worked at both Studio Manda and Minjara where he let his creativity run wild, influencing Lebanese production with his eccentric designs. George loves to expand his vinyl collection and train his parrot to say random sentences.

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