1- Does REAPER have any environmental commitments?

YES! REAPERS have are long lasting (5 months) and can be re-used and refilled many times to avoid throwing them and buying a new one every time!

2- Does the lighter come with fuel?

It does not. Per worldwide shipping regulations, a lighter with fuel is considered a "dangerous good" and cannot be shipped. This is why Reapers will be shipped without gas. However, the lighter can be filled by using any can of butane available online, in retail stores or smoke shops.

3- Do you ship worldwide?

We do ship worldwide. Shipping costs and taxes vary from country to country. The shipping cost is not included in the lighter price listed. Most countries will have a low shipping price for the Reaper products except some countries with very high and eccentric shipping/customs regulations. Contact us to learn about shipping in your country

4- What material is used for the lighter?

The lighter's body is made out of electroplated zinc alloy. The candy compartment & the cigarette packer are made of PC grade plastic (food friendly).

5- How to order?

The only way to get one is through this page here! People who pre-order get to have the very first Reaper Lighters and save a bunch over the future retail price. You also get lifetime VIP perks and discounts for believing in us early on!

6- What makes Reaper special?

This is a lighter made with a specific goal in mind:  being your pocket wingman! We always find ourselves on a night out without our essentials, so we tried to put them all into one lighter so that everything can remain in your pocket, sort of like a swiss knife for social situations!

7- How much gas can the container fit? What gas does it use?

The flame is a windproof flame and the gas tank's capacity is of 3.8g. Please note the lighter is subject to changes depending on requests from our audience.

8- What are the lighter's specifications?

The lighter will weigh around 130g per unit and the dimensions will be around 93.7x48x16mm. Please note the lighter is subject to changes depending on requests from our audience.

9- What other perks will I receive besides the lighter?

Upon ordering, you will receive the lighter alongside a collectible and special access to the Reaper area. The Reaper area is an exclusive space where secret parties and event locations will be shared!

10- What are the dimensions of the candy compartment?

The candy compartment is food safe and is 46mm by 23 by 16mm.

11- How solid is the bottle opener?

Very solid ;)

12- What does the keychain hole fit?

Anything from keys to lanyards and even carabiner clips... The hole is wide enough to attach almost anything.

13- Are the lighters Child Proof?

No lighters are child proof, adult supervision is the best and only form of child proofing. However, REAPERs are child resistant and difficult to ignite for kids.

14- How long does a REAPER last?

The average life of the piezo mechanism in the lighters is of approximately 5 months.

15- How do Reapers compare to other lighters?